Brie Larson Wants to Help You Get Black Panther Tickets

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Brie Larson Wants to Help You Get Black Panther Tickets

Academy Award-winning actress Brie Larson took to the Twitterverse to help those in need of Black Panther movie tickets. She became the next high-profile celebrity to partake in this kind gesture of helping underprivileged families see the film, following in the footsteps of Octavia Spencer, for instance.

Larson started with the tweet below, urging her followers and their loved ones to see the film:

Larson then reached out to the people of New York City:

From there, she dove into retweeting folks who either wanted to buy Black Panther tickets for others, or needed help acquiring tickets for themselves:

Larson’s tweets continued for hours, with her most recent post (as of this writing) continuing to spread the love and encouraging everyone to enjoy the film:

Larson won her Academy Award for Best Actress for the 2015 film Room in which she was kidnapped, held captive and forced to raised a child born of rape in the confines of a tiny room. She most recently was cast as the next Marvel superhero in the forthcoming Captain Marvel, and can be seen in last year’s The Glass Castle.

Black Panther has already garnered a ton of box-office love, with last night’s opening release earning about $25.2 million. The editor of Fandango posted the following tweet on Thursday night, further illustrating that Black Panther is on the trail to success.

The film’s positive reviews, including ours, have also helped cement the film’s reputation as one of the most well-made films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Find out where it landed on our ranking of the entire MCU here.

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