15 Minutes of Deleted Scenes From It Will Arrive on Blu-Ray

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15 Minutes of Deleted Scenes From It Will Arrive on Blu-Ray

There are still some It superfans out there holding out for a true “director’s cut” or “extended edition” of Andy Muschietti’s massively successful 2017 horror film, but in the meantime, the soon to be released (Jan. 9, 2018) Blu-ray edition of the film will still contain almost 15 minutes of deleted and extended scenes, according to Bloody Disgusting, which detailed them according to a user in Australia who already has the Blu-ray.

EDIT: Muschietti now says that the full-on “Director’s Cut” is still coming, but won’t arrive for a few months. Clearly, they want you to physically buy this film twice.

The added scenes are something of a mixed bag, including a little comedy gag wherein Georgie escapes a “frustrated” Pennywise at the beginning of the film, to a family vacation subplot wherein it sounds like we’ll get to better know the Denbrough family, who were somewhat underrepresented/not often present in the theatrical cut. There are a few scenes that continue to build upon the camaraderie of the Loser’s Club, and a few others that delve into the dangerous home life of head bully in charge, Henry Bowers.

One much-discussed scene is NOT present, however—the heavily rumored sequence from Muschietti’s script that was reportedly set in a colonial-era Derry, featuring the appearance of Pennywise menacing a young mother who apparently gives up her baby to be consumed as tribute. This scene has been the source of much speculation, and it’s unknown whether it was actually filmed and cut, or if it’s being saved for a flasback in It’s forthcoming Chapter 2. The truth remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say that particular scene is at the top of most fans’ wish lists.

Here’s holding out hope that we’ll still get to see what sounds like one of It’s most disturbing scenes at some point.

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