Something’s Up With the Nuns in Agnes‘ Trailer

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Something’s Up With the Nuns in Agnes‘ Trailer

2021 is shaping up to be a big year for nuns. First, we had Paul Verhoeven’s controversial Benedetta, which took the Cannes Film Festival by storm earlier this year. Now, indie Oklahoma director Mickey Reece (Climate of the Hunter) is gearing up to debut his disturbing nun-centered horror flick, Agnes.

Agnes follows the aftermath of Sister Agnes’s (Hayley McFarland) breakdown in her convent, which prompts two priests, Father Donaghue (Ben Hall) and Benjamin (Jake Horowitz) to start prodding around for a potential demonic possession in their midst. Also in the cast is Molly Quinn, Sean Gunn, Rachel True, Chris Sullivan, Chris Browning, Ginger Gilmartin, and Mary Buss.

Check out the spooky trailer here—if you’re brave enough:

Earlier this year, we got an unsettling teaser trailer for Agnes that didn’t give much away, but did promise that the film was going to be an unsettling, moody mystery. The official trailer, on the other hand, breaks out all the gore we could possibly want (yes, that is blood coming out of that nun’s eyes).

Agnes hits select theaters and streaming on December 10.

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