A “Fully Remastered” Sharknado Is Returning to Theaters for 10th Anniversary

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A “Fully Remastered” Sharknado Is Returning to Theaters for 10th Anniversary

In a move that has likely never been afforded to any other made-for-TV Syfy original feature in the station’s long and ludicrous history, the original Sharknado is officially returning to theaters in celebration of its 10th anniversary. A decade after the series established a new high water mark in the realm of absurd garbage cinema, launching an entire era of imitation, it will now return with a version that creators The Asylum are boasting is “fully remastered in 4k, with hundreds of new visual effects.” Just look at the trailer below, which … seems to boast none of those effects as far as we can tell. If that’s not a classic Asylum move, I don’t know what is. The film arrives for a limited, two-day screening in theaters across the U.S. on Aug. 15-16, with tickets available now.

A decade removed from the release of the first film, it’s easy to wrap up the original Sharknado with its string of increasingly zany sequels, while forgetting the minor pop culture sensation the original genuinely stirred up when it landed on TV. Bad movie purists tend to disregard the entire series off hand, seeing The Asylum as professional shlockmeisters who are in the business of making purposely bad films, but the fact of the matter is that the original Sharknado is still genuinely “fun bad”–it has plenty of earnest failure in it. Whereas the sequels embrace the reputation of the first film and end up repeatedly jumping themselves, the original represents a somewhat more naïve pop-cultural moment from a decade ago, when just the ungainly portmanteau of the title was all it took to stir up a frenzy. It’s an era that some of us may now be nostalgic for. Take it from us, as Paste not only reviewed every installment of the series, but also interviewed star Cassie Scerbo and director Anthony C. Ferrante.

The Asylum is claiming that the new version of Sharknado contains “never-before-seen kills and thrills,” though we would take any marketing from this company with a fistful of salt. I for one will be curious to see those “hundreds of new visual effects,” considering that I once watched an incomplete review copy of Sharknado 2 full of wire frame tornadoes, which arrived at my door merely a week before the film was scheduled to be released on national broadcast television.

While we wait in anticipation, you can check out the haphazardly edited new Sharknado trailer below.

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