The New Trailer for Venom Contains a Whole Lot More Venom

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The New Trailer for Venom Contains a Whole Lot More Venom

Well, to anyone who complained that the previous trailers for Venom didn’t include enough symbiote in them, it appears that Sony was listening. The newly released second trailer for the film is packed with Venom from wall to wall … but is that a good thing? We’re hoping that in showing off more of the film’s star attraction, the studio didn’t just reveal more of Venom’s weaknesses.

To whit: What is going on with the dialog and sound mixing? Both Venom and Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock seem unreasonably difficult to understand when speaking—Hardy, because he’s using some kind of mushmouthed East Coast accent, and Venom because his voice is modulated to hell. It can’t help but remind one of Hardy’s own appearance as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, which was endlessly mocked for its incoherence. How could a studio, having previously seen the entire fiasco with Nolan’s third Batman movie, make the same mistake of having Tom Hardy portray a character who is difficult to understand? Is no one paying attention to history here?

As for the content of the actual trailer, though, this second look at Venom at least hints at a great swatch of action scenes that Hardy will be performing as the fused Venom symbiote, which should put to rest some of the fears that Venom would have limited screen time. We even get a quick glimpse of Hardy/Venom battling a second symbiote, which might be the Spider-Man villain known as Riot.) Why they would choose another symbiote that looks so similar to Venom, rather than a more distinctive (and better known) one such as Carnage, we have no idea. But who knows, perhaps there’s room for Carnage in there as well?

Venom hits American theaters in a few months, on Oct. 5, 2018. In the meantime, check out Hardy waving around his bladed, symbiotic arms in the trailer below.

One thing is for sure: “The world has enough superheroes” is unquestionably a far better and less cringey tagline than “embrace your inner anti-hero.”

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