Watch The Trailer For Singer/Songwriter Ensign Broderick’s Collaboration With Filmmaker Guy Maddin

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Watch The Trailer For Singer/Songwriter Ensign Broderick’s Collaboration With Filmmaker Guy Maddin

Few artists release their debut album at age 59. But then again there are few artists in the world like Ensign Broderick. The dapper singer/songwriter from Toronto has been amassing a healthy collection of original material since the mid-’70s and waiting patiently for the moment to strike. That time has now come and Broderick will be unveiling his first full-length album—Feast Of Panthers—through Six Shooter Records this March.

True to the idiosyncratic nature of his music, Broderick isn’t going through the usual motions to promote his debut. Instead, he has connected with no less than acclaimed experimental filmmaker Guy Maddin to collaborate on a short film called Accidence. It’s a Rear Window-style pseudo-mystery replete with the visual wonders that we’ve come to expect from Maddin (and his regular co-conspirators Evan and Galen Johnson). Here’s what the filmmaker had to say about this work:

Every balcony is a poem, a chant — a muscle! But whoever lives with that extra blueprint luxury of a balcony lives on the wrong side of a cross-section, on the busy, narrative-addled side of something like an ant-farm window, a brazen architectural arrangement selling cheap peeks into the naked sideshows of the quotidian — even the grisly. Step right up! Behold! A ten story wall of solid twitching muscle!

To get a taste of the film, check out the trailer for Accidence right here.

If you’d like to see the whole short film, your best bet right now is to do a little travel as Accidence is screening next month at this Berlin Film Festival. Or you can double your pleasure by hitting up the Winnipeg New Music Festival where you can see the film and see Broderick perform live in a couple of different contexts. For one set, he will be performing with pianist and frequent Björk collaborator Jónas Sen, and for another, Broderick will be backed up by a string quartet.

If that sounds as good to you as it does to us, you can find info about tickets here. And to hear more of Broderick’s music, you can find a smattering of tunes over at Spotify.

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