Exclusive: Honey Moon Share Marionette-Filled New Video “Magic”

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Exclusive: Honey Moon Share Marionette-Filled New Video “Magic”

London pop quintet Honey Moon are sharing the video for their new single “Magic” exclusively via Paste below. The track is out now on Manchester’s Heist or Hit, the same label that also put out their 2018 EP Four More From…

In their jolly new video, Honey Moon sit in a theater to watch a marionette performance, each puppet with the likeness of one of the band members. At the video’s climax, the marionettes are violently shot out of a cannon, but to Honey Moon’s relief, all of the puppets survive the brave stunt.

On “Magic,” Jack Slater Chandler’s vocals saunter with panache as Honey Moon take their ’60s-style crooner pop to new heights. With moonlit guitar twinkles and swells of tragic strings, “Magic” packages lovelorn feelings into a pop number made for the silver screen.

Slater Chandler says of the track:

We wanted to explore the illusionary theme, to try and make something expansive and cinematic-sounding. ‘Magic’ represents the soul-mate style love we see in film, literature, Honey Moon songs- everywhere! What can seem like the most mundane, everyday elements of companionship are often the most important and overlooked. This sort of souped-up version of having ‘one true love’ is, whilst a nice idea, pretty difficult to imagine as anything that’s realistically achievable, but there’s something very real in the sentiment, and that’s the ‘spell’, that’s the illusion.

Watch Honey Moon’s new video “Magic,” premiering exclusively at Paste below. Scroll down to view their upcoming tour dates.

Honey Moon Tour Dates:


27 – London, U.K. @ National Theatre / Frantic Assembly

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