Listen to Hot Chip’s Synth-Filled New Single, “Melody of Love”

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Listen to Hot Chip’s Synth-Filled New Single, “Melody of Love”

Bringing in synths, keyboards and the effervescent vocals of lead singer Alexis Taylor, the latest single from England’s Hot Chip is great pop music through and through.

The second single from their forthcoming album A Bath Full Of Ecstasy, “Melody Of Love” is transcendent, dance-inducing and the usual electro-pop the band is known for, but taken even a step higher.

Accompanying the latest single, the band also released an equally surreal music video by director Nima Nourizadeh. Featuring glowing lights, floating heads and hypnotic imagery, the video is a perfect fit for the song.

The release comes after the band’s lead single from their forthcoming album, “Hungry Child,” and stands as a testament to the new chapter the band is beginning. Originally a 12-minute instrumental track filled with gospel samples, “Melody Of Love” is a showcase of Taylor’s lyricism and storytelling that has transpired and grown through the process of the new album.

“Under the eye of producer Rodaidh McDonald, the group turned it into a bombastic explosion of Technicolor pop,” a press release explains. “The song is about the importance of the transformative, non-verbal moment—ecstasy as personal happiness, but also of transcendence, of being outside oneself.”

A Bath Full Of Ecstasy is set to release June 21, with Hot Chip supporting the album on tour throughout the summer and fall.

Watch the music video for Hot Chip’s “Melody Of Love” below.

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