Watch the Music Video for A Star Is Born‘s Bluesy “Look What I Found”

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Following A Star Is Born’s impressive opening weekend, Lady Gaga has revealed the music video for “Look What I Found,” the latest Gaga-based highlight from the film’s soundtrack, via Twitter.

The video opens with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, as Jackson Maine and Ally, respectively, in a diner as Ally’s songwriting process—scribbling lines in a notebook and haphazardly piecing together a melody—is shown. Ally’s melody picks up, transforming into a bluesy-pop piano line as the camera flashes to the duo in studio recording the track.

The song continues as clips of the pair’s tragic tale cycle through, from their first meeting and writing together to performances and a wedding. Interspersed between the clips are shots of Cooper and Gaga, again at the piano as the former belt’s out the hook: “But look what I found / Someone who’ll carry around the piece of my heart / Just laying on the ground.”

A Star Is Born, the fourth retelling of a classic tale, earned an expectation-exceeding $48 million in its opening weekend. Despite the fact that it’s a well-known story, Cooper and Gaga’s emotionally charged performances have had audiences reeling, tagging the film with projected Oscar frontrunner status. Check out Paste’s review of the film here.

Check out the “Look What I Found” video below and revisit the film’s standout single “Shallow” right here.