Mamalarky Share Bright New Single, “You Know I Know”

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Mamalarky Share Bright New Single, “You Know I Know”

Mamalarky still manage to smile even when staring death straight in the face. The L.A.-based band seems to have pocketed some of the sunshine and unrelenting optimism of their new city on their latest single, “You Know I Know,” which they released today (May 23) via Fire Talk.

As the band encounter ups and downs, they never once waver from their cheery demeanor, even as they stay acutely aware of how quickly things change. In a music video animated by Alex Futtersa, their trusty tour van passes through ever-shifting scenery including mountains, cities, grassy hills and a luminous full moon. Still, they don’t seem worried about the future—instead, they greet it with a radiant excitement evident in the joyful crescendo of singer/guitarist Livvy Bennett’s vocals and bright guitar tones. Even when their van breaks down in the middle of the desert, it appears to be just a small snag in their plans as a few minutes later, they’re back on the road, cruising right along. Always on the move, they don’t flinch at the temporary and transient nature of life, but rather they remind themselves, “Human form one day becomes earth / Shedding the notion of a self worth.”

“You Know I Know” was never slated to be a single, according to Bennett, who said that her bandmates encouraged her to release it. A song that sounds straight out of 2007, Bennett described it in a statement as “MGMT meets Weezer meets Sheryl Crow.”

“The song is about growing up in Texas and having really overwhelming dreams of playing music and takin’ it on the road. Having those dreams come to fruition recently has been exciting and has further grounded me in appreciating how much Texas, and Austin specifically, gave us the proper nutrients to do what we’re doing now,” Bennett says. “It’s also a bit about, ya know, death and impermanence. Having all your accomplishments and high notes framed by mortality is a good way to make sure you’re taking it all in.”

Mamalarky also announced they will be joining Jerry Paper for a few shows in July.

You can watch the video for “You Know I Know” below, along with Mamalarky’s 2022 Paste session.

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