Exclusive: Yuck’s Max Bloom Shares New Solo Single “Call Me When It’s Over”

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Exclusive: Yuck’s Max Bloom Shares New Solo Single “Call Me When It’s Over”

Yuck frontman Max Bloom has shared a new solo single “Call Me When It’s Over,” exclusively via Paste. It follows his debut single “To Be Alone,” and it’s out on Aug. 2 via Anniversary Group.

“Call Me When It’s Over” muses over the distressing feeling of wanting to move forward when life is holding you back. Bloom may not be able to pick himself up, but his consoling vocals and light, twinkling guitar melodics will be enough to take you out of a rut. Trading in Yuck’s distorted guitar escapades for something much more languorous, Bloom still has the power to dust off the shoulders of listeners and send them on their way.

Max Bloom says of the new song:

Like most of my songs, this is a song about guilt and anxiety. Anxiety about what the future holds, and about not being able to let go of the past. The second verse is about my relationship with material things, particularly clothes. I really hate buying new clothes, I wear a lot of my clothes until they have holes in and I can’t wear them anymore. I think a big reason for that is the memories they hold, and not being able to move on from them. This song has been floating around on my hard drive for some time, but I couldn’t really find a place for it. As it happens, this album was the perfect home for it.

According to a press release, his new solo material was informed by his severe depression, the end of a long-term relationship and a migration back to his family home. Namechecking new influences like George Harrison, Elliott Smith and Harry Nilsson, Bloom wrote his new music “without the pressure of an established audience or a predefined sound.”

Listen to “Call Me When It’s Over,” exclusively via Paste below. Scroll down to listen to Yuck’s Daytrotter session from 2011. Bloom will perform live at London’s Tamesis Dock on Aug. 27, and you can buy tickets here.

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