Slow Pulp Share Hypnotic New Single “Falling Apart”

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Slow Pulp Share Hypnotic New Single “Falling Apart”

Chicago-based indie band Slow Pulp have shared a new single, “Falling Apart.” The track follows “Idaho” as the second single from their forthcoming debut album Moveys, set for release on Oct. 9 via Winspear.

The song is a slow-burning shoegaze tune with violin from Alex G collaborator Molly Germer. Emily Massey’s delivery shines through on the track, moving between shades of apathy and tenderness in the face of watching your and everyone else’s worlds fall apart.

Massey said of the new single:

As we were finishing up writing the album my parents got into a serious car accident and I came back home to help take care of them. A couple of weeks later COVID-19 started getting worse in the US, and quarantine began. Life felt completely surreal, everything had drastically changed and at such a rapid pace. It was especially strange because everyone was experiencing the same thing at the same time, but couldn’t be physically with each other to support each other. I felt like I couldn’t process any emotions I had about the whole ordeal because I had to keep it together to take care of my family. It became easier to stay numb, and create a facade that I was doing ok, than it was to release any type of healthy emotion for a long time. Luckily I did allow myself to have a full on breakdown induced by a stubbed toe and confusion over taxes, sometimes it’s the littlest things that finally get you.

Listen to “Falling Apart” below, and while you’re here, check out Slow Pulp’s set at Daytrotter Studios from back in 2018.

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