Listen to Supertramp Perform at Royal Albert Hall on This Day in 1977

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Listen to Supertramp Perform at Royal Albert Hall on This Day in 1977

There weren’t many progressive bands of the ’70s that continued to thrive for the remainder of the decade and for years to come, but Supertramp were one of the chosen few. Supertramp were nearing their commercial peak in 1977 with the consecutive release of albums like 1977’s Even in the Quietest Moments, 1979’s Breakfast in America and 1982’s Famous Last Words.

On this day in 1977, the British band performed at London’s famed Royal Albert Hall before the release of Even in the Quietest Moments later that April. The show was recorded live and transmitted on The British Biscuit (the British version of the King Biscuit Flower Hour) as the band unveiled material from their forthcoming album. They began their set with one of the biggest hits of their career, the acoustic “Give A Little Bit” and closed the show with the grand “Fool’s Overture,” both of which were brand new to audiences. They also put on a cheery performance of their best known song at the time, “Bloody Well Right,” from their 1974 LP, Crime of the Century. This recording features the band’s classic lineup: Rick Davies (keyboards, vocals), John Helliwell (saxophone, vocals), Roger Hodgson (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Bob Seibenberg (drums) and Dougie Thomson (bass).

Listen to Supertramp perform at the Royal Albert Hall on this day in 1977 below.

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