PREMIERE: The Cowboys Release “She’s Not Your Baby Anymore”

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PREMIERE: The Cowboys Release “She’s Not Your Baby Anymore”

Fresh on the heels of announcing their sixth album Sultan of Squat and releasing its title track last week, The Cowboys are back again with second single “She’s Not Your Baby Anymore.” Continuing the momentum of “The Sultan of Squat,” the band are, once again, doing their damnedest to bring the glitters of retro pop-rock to the forefront of our appetites. Featuring a delectable slide guitar from Peter Doyle and emergent keys from vocalist Keith Harman, the Cowboys are firing on all cylinders here, quaking with a whimsicality that is as much a relentless earworm as it is a singular, polished delight.

Harman says of “She’s Not Your Baby Anymore”: “This song has been written since 2018, probably one of the first to be written following previous studio album, “The Bottom of a Rotten Flower”. Zack [Worcel] always thought it could be a crowd pleaser so we were always keen to get into a studio and give it a proper arrangement. It’s an interesting song for us because there is no kernel of humor to it. It’s a pretty straightforward summation of something people experience in simple rhymes. It has a great bounce to it and the steel guitar was a natural touch. We joked that it sounds like a Folgers commercial and some fans may be thrown off by that.”

Sultan of Squat is out August 25. Listen to “She’s Not Your Baby Anymore” below.

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