Tulsi Gabbard Bests Other Candidates for Most Google Searches After Night Two of Democratic Debates

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Tulsi Gabbard Bests Other Candidates for Most Google Searches After Night Two of Democratic Debates

The second round of Democratic Primary Debates has concluded, and night two proved to bring out the attacks. Not only was Joe Biden attacked by the other candidates, but Kamala Harris, who originally called out Biden on his spotty record with federal busing, also seemed to be under the microscope of the other candidates. One of the candidates who laid into Harris’ spotty criminal justice record was Hawaiian representative Tulsi Gabbard, and while it’s up in the air if it helped in her campaign, it sure helped bring some internet attention to the candidate.

Turning the Google search tables like Marianne Williamson did on night one, Gabbard toppled her colleagues by becoming the most-searched candidate after night two of the Democratic Debates. Following Gabbard, Harris, Cory Booker and Biden came in second, third and fourth, respectively.

Whereas Williamson captured the Google searches of 49 out of 50 states after night one, Gabbard made a clean sweep with all 50 states. Prior to the debate, Gabbard was only the most-searched candidate in Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa and South Carolina. The frontrunner before the debates was Biden, who was most-searched in 42 states. Contrasting Gabbard, Colorado representative Michael Bennett brought in the least searches out of the 10 candidates on stage Wednesday night.

Despite Google popularity, the 20 candidates from the second round of debates have tougher eligibility requirements heading into the third round of debates in September. Prior to the second round of debates, only six of the 20 candidates qualified for the third round. Each candidate will need 130,000 donors and a 2% poll rating to make it to the Houston debates. Furthermore, if 10 candidates or less qualify, there will only be one night of debates—and, honestly, that sort of sounds nice.

You can catch Gabbard’s night two highlight reel below.

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