If You’re Not a Trump Propagandist, You’re His Enemy

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Good God, this tweet:

Before we get into Trump’s current gripes, let’s please remember that all of the cable news pundits—including those on Fox News—Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were considered the most favorable to Trump. There’s an actual recording of them kissing his ass during a commercial break when he appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, they’ve left him friendly voicemails (that later leaked), and they’ve responded to criticism that they’re too soft on Trump by attacking their critics! Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone wrote an entire convincing feature about how the two had become Trump’s “lapdogs.”

You really can’t get more favorable than that. But the minute they turned the least bit critical of Trump—this morning, Mika went on a rant about Paul Ryan endorsing the nominee—he lashes out. We already know he’s declared war on freedom of the press, and he’s recently taken to throwing reporters he doesn’t like out of his rallies, or calling them sleazes, but this just proves that his skin is so thin that even the favorable journalists will eventually run afoul of his ego. If you’re not a full-on propagandist, you will eventually be this man’s enemy.

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