All Hail the Christmas Oaf: Sean Spicer Makes an Idiot of Himself on Instagram

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All Hail the Christmas Oaf: Sean Spicer Makes an Idiot of Himself on Instagram

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, is the famous story of Ebenezer Scrooge, the miserly rich misanthrope who had a change of heart during the Christmas season after visits by three ghosts, and was nice to Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim for once. We all know this story. It’s iconic. It was published in 1843, and the word “scrooge” still survives and thrives as a term for holiday grumps.

Now, I want you to brace yourself for this Instagram post you’re about to see. It’s from the account of Sean Spicer—by all accounts a dim little Trump toady who only escapes complete national hatred because he looks like your friend’s little brother who collected dirt and wet himself until he was 17.

This post…this post is real stupid, gang:

FDRs book of Christmas Carols

A post shared by Sean Spicer (@seanmspicer) on

That’s right—Sean Spicer thinks A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a book of holiday songs. He will likely go on to claim this is some kind of joke, but don’t believe him—he’s not smart or clever enough to execute this kind of absurdist humor.

This, of course, helps explain why—even in a very incompetent regime—Spicer was deemed too simple, too cloddish, to be its public face. He was such an embarrassment that they wouldn’t even let him meet the pope.

For what it’s worth, this is not the first time Sean Spicer has made us laugh at him on a holiday:

Sean Spicer…we know you were already booted from the White House, but regarding Instagram? Resign.

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