The Weather Channel Has Gone Rogue

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The Weather Channel Has Gone Rogue

When one thinks of political revolutions, what usually springs to mind are incendiary punk rock bands or Che Guevara guerrilla fighters. Rarely—if ever—do meteorologists come to mind. But after Trump’s announcement yesterday that he was backing America out of the Paris climate accords, the Weather Channel has gone full rogue. It looks like the new revolution won’t be fought with guns or microphones, but with angry articles written by experts on barometric pressure.

Almost immediately following Trump’s announcement, the Weather Channel’s home page flipped from mundane articles about relative sunshine amounts, to well-coordinated, furious exposés on climate change. Here’s what the front page looked like immediately following Trump’s conference:

Weather Channel Screenshot 1.jpg

Naturally, social media took notice and began to commend the website for being such an unlikely source of anti-Trump sentiments.

It leads one to wonder how terrible of a job you have to be doing for something as decidedly apolitical as a weather news service to violently turn against you in such a coordinated way. What’s next? Trump bans donuts, only for the Dunkin’ Donuts president to chuck a molotov cocktail onto the White House lawn? We truly live in exciting times.

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