Back to Basics: Essential Bras for Every Style of Dress

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It’s Saturday night. You and your girls are getting ready for a fun night out on the town. You spend all day at the mall searching for the sexiest dress and the highest pair of stilettos. You even take out an extra hour just to ensure your eyeliner is perfectly winged. As you slip on that ultra-tight LBD with the plunging neckline and open back, you realize your bra is completely visible from the front and back. You are left with two choices: go bra-less risking the possibility of a nip-slip or make your own diy strapless bra. While neither of those choices is ideal, it is a predicament many women find themselves in.

Finding a decent everyday bra is hard enough as it is. Couple that with the many different styles, fabrics and padding, and you are left with a bunch of confused and overwhelmed women.

To make things easier for the many women around the world, Paste has compiled a list of the best bras to wear for every type of dress.

1. The Strapless Dress


A classic cut popular with women and brides alike, the best bra for this dress is simply a strapless bra. For Kylie Jenner cleavage, go for the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Multi-way Push-up bra, $58. Bonus: this bra also works well for the racerback or halter dress.

2. The Halter Dress


A modified version of the strapless dress, this dress requires a bra that gives comfort and lift. Free People’s Siren Song halter bra, $38, is the perfect match for this number. For women with a bigger chest, try Lane Bryant’s Quarter Cup Halter bra, $24.99.

3. The Racerback Dress


A sportier dress that minimizes cleavage, this dress needs a racerback bra. For this dress, try Aerie’s Brooke Lace Racerback Push-up bra, $39.95. Bonus: this bra also works well for racerback tanks.

4. The Low-Cut Strapless Dress


A more risque version of the strapless dress, women who wear this dress will benefit from the use of Nasty Gal’s Bare Minimum Backless Bra, $18. Bonus: this bra also work well for the backless dress.

5. The Backless Dress


A sexy little number like this needs an equally sexy bra. Victoria’s Secret U-Plunge Backless Push-up bra, $50, provides padding and support, along with a sloping neckline for more revealing dresses. Bonus: this bra also works for the keyhole dress.

6. The Keyhole Dress


A creative take on the halter dress, this dress needs a bra that will not show through the peephole. Nubra’s 3D Backless Bra, $65, is a good match for this dress. Bonus: this bra also works for the first five dresses.

7. The Plunging Backless Dress


A daring take on the backless dress, wearers of this dress benefit from no bra at all. Instead, wear Nasty Gal Nippies, $12. Bonus: these pasties work on every dress style.

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