Paste’s Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Paste’s Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and buying the perfect gift for the person who’s literally responsible for your existence can be a little daunting, especially if your mom only ever asks for quality time or world peace. Let Paste help: we’re confident that there’s something on this list that even the pickiest mom is sure to love. Here’s our ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide for 2022.

Camas Lilly Heron Robe




These robes are timeless and will make mom feel glamorous as she lounges by the pool, drinks her morning coffee or scrolls Facebook before bedtime. Camas Lilly gives new life to recovered or deadstock fabric, saving the fabric from landfills and turning them into robes worthy of a Hollywood starlet. There are a ton of color choices, in standard and plus size options. The high-low design and ivory fringe give them a vintage feel, and the lightweight fabric is perfect for warmer months when a thicker robe feels too heavy.

Recently Magazine


$14.99 for a quarterly subscription


Through the Recently app, you can make a custom magazine of the photos that live on your camera roll. It’s a really beautiful way to preserve special moments or to curate a family history. It’s like a really classy version of the old photo albums from your childhood, and the app is really simple to use.

Rooted Pots Onileola Planter




Rooted Pots are some of the coolest planters I’ve seen and pay tribute to the hair, culture, and history of African women. Yinka Alade, the artist behind Rooted Pots, uses 3D printing to make each pot detailed but lightweight and considers each piece a collaborative art project between the artist and the consumer. The planters can easily be customized by adding jewelry, come in a wide range of vibrant colors, and even have DIY versions that you can paint yourself to create something truly unique. Onileola is a Yoruba name meaning “Owner of a House of Wealth,” and mom’s flowers will look like a million bucks in one of these planters.

In Good Taste Vine Voyage Wine Flight




In Good Taste curates wine flights with mini bottles to help you find your new favorite in a fun and relaxing way. The Vine Voyage flight features eight bottles of wine that takes you on a trip through Italian vineyards and the French countryside. It comes in an adorable box and includes a booklet with tasting notes and suggested food pairings to help you feel like you’re in Europe while sitting on your couch.

Cork Pops Wine Opener



The Cork Pops Wine Opener is the easiest wine opener I’ve used and is great for anyone with mobility issues or arthritis. You literally stick the needle in the cork, press the button, and watch it lift the cork straight out of the bottle. Each cartridge can open around 60 bottles of wine. It comes in fun colors and is compact, so it doesn’t take up much room in your home bar.

Huha Mineral Undies Briefs




Every year, my mother asks for practical underwear, which probably seems like a weird or boring gift. Upgrade her old Hanes with mineral underwear from Huha. Huha uses a tree-derived fiber from sustainably managed forests to create some of the softest underwear on the market. The fiber is spun with soothing zinc oxide, which reduces odor and has antibacterial properties. I love that the line is inclusive of most sizes, ranging from 2XS to 3XL, comes in four styles and two fabric weights, and is free from synthetic materials that can cause irritation. They also plant a tree with every order.

Joe Average Jigsaw Puzzle




The Joe Average jigsaw puzzle is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that makes a 25” x 25” piece of art when you’re finished, which is perfect for moms who enjoy arts and crafts. The colors are vivid and bold, and the kit comes with puzzle glue and Velcro strips to hang it on your wall when you’re finished. A portion of the proceeds benefits PAL Vancouver, a charity that provides affordable housing to senior performing artists.

Take Care Wellness Pillow Spray Sampler




Take Care makes really lovely small-batch pillow sprays from essential oils like lavender and chamomile to help you relax and get better sleep. The scents last but aren’t overpowering, and the sampler allows you to pick one to match any mood.

Petsies Custom Pet Plush


$199 for the 16” standard size


Is your mom obsessed with her fur baby now that you’re out of the house? Give her a custom plushie that looks just like her new favorite child. Petsies takes a photo of your pet and uses premium plush, faux furs, and airbrushing techniques to replicate even the smallest details of your little buddy. They’re really serious about the process and followed up several times to get clarification around the patterning in my dog’s fur and his eye color. They can make almost any type of pet, and customers can select the 16” standard or 10” mini.

Decocrated Interior Design Subscription Box


$79.99 per quarterly box


Decocrated is like an interior designer in a box. They send a quarterly curated box with a color palette, home decor items, and professional design tips that allows you to pull together beautiful seasonal refreshes of your home without spending a ton of money or scouring stores for the perfect accessories. They offer annual or quarterly subscriptions, and the items are high quality and have personality. They also offer special boxes that are themed around various holidays.

Drinkmate Home Carbonator




The Drinkmate allows mom to carbonate any beverage. She can make fancy carbonated cocktails, juices, teas, sodas, or flavored sparkling water. It comes in a few different colors and takes up very little counter space. It cuts down on single-use waste and gives mom control over the ingredients in her favorite fizzy drinks. They have a ton of interesting recipes on their site, so moms who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen can have fun trying new flavor combinations. They also have a CO2 exchange program where they’ll take back your empty cylinders and send you a coupon for more.

Buzzoms Lush Tank Top




These tank tops are amazing for busty women who need some support but don’t want to wear a bra. They have a special boob pocket that’s truly uplifting, and the thicker straps make them perfect for those of us who are blessed/cursed with larger chests. They’re comfortable, stylish, and size inclusive. It’s a game changer when running errands or lounging around the house after a long day in an uncomfortable bra.

Brilliant Beauty Activator




The Brilliant Beauty Activator deep cleans, exfoliates, lifts, and tones with dual-motion technology that adapts to your skin. It’s made of a medical-grade silicone that’s more hygienic and gentler on your face than nylon bristles, and it’s waterproof, so you can use it in the shower. It will supercharge your mother’s skincare routine.

Colsen Hex Small Fire Pit



This mini tabletop fire pit is perfect for nights on the back porch or for roasting s’mores indoors. It uses rubbing alcohol for a smokeless and odorless burn and has a simple design that works with any decor. It’s portable and adds warmth to any setting.

The Good Stuff Botanicals Gypsy Cream




Gypsy Cream is a miracle moisturizer that soothes and heals a variety of skin issues like eczema, rosacea, burns, fine lines, sun damage, and diaper rash. It’s inspired by a centuries-old Romanian recipe and uses Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Montana Hot Springs Mineral Water, Aloe Vera, and Raw Organic Shea Butter to treat even the most sensitive skin. It’s perfect for moms who love to garden or spend a lot of time in the sun.

Headache Hat




Yes, this hat looks goofy when you wear it, but it absolutely works! It has 24 ice packs to target specific pressure points and is made of soft and adjustable spandex to give you the perfect fit. It’s designed to fit like a wrap instead of a hat and allows you to position it to better soothe painful areas. It comes with a nifty bag to store it in the freezer, so it’s always ready to go when a headache strikes. It’s also really refreshing when you’re outside on a hot day. Mom will thank you for the relief.

InPOWERED Blue Coral Emergency Lamp




I love gifts that are both beautiful and practical, so of course I’m obsessed with this lamp. It has a soothing blue glass base that reminds me of the ocean and is the perfect size for an end table. The real magic is in the backup battery that activates if power is lost. No more stumbling around in the dark or looking for the flashlight that you forgot to leave in a convenient place. It also has an integrated USB port that can charge your phone during a power outage. It’s like Mom’s own little lighthouse! I also love products that give back to the community, and inPowered is a woman-owned company that donates a portion of profits to support female entrepreneurs and woman-owned businesses.

Affirmicious Zodiac Affirmation Cards




Is your mother obsessed with her zodiac sign? Get her these fun affirmation cards. These Zodiac Affirmation Cards are based on the unique traits, needs, and energy of each zodiac sign and reinforce positive traits while helping put an end to negative self-talk. They’re scarily accurate for each sign, making me laugh out loud at how much they apply to my practical Capricorn tendencies.

Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder



Hummingbirds are fascinating creatures who need to eat constantly in order to survive. This blown glass feeder comes in several different colors and will provide your mom with hours of entertainment as she sits on the porch watching them zoom back and forth for more food. Hummingbirds are extremely territorial, so I suggest purchasing a couple to minimize air battles between the birds.

Glow and Grow Candle Grow Kit




This candle smells amazing and comes with everything you need to turn the vessel into a planter. The Herb Garden candle includes organic Genovese basil seeds, soilless grow medium, plant food, and activated carbon. You can also select Desert Oasis, which grows aloe, or Wildflower, which includes everything you need to grow Shasta daisies.

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