Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning and Declutter Your Life with These 10 Apps

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Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning and Declutter Your Life with These 10 Apps

It’s that time of the year where you look around your home and realize you really need to get decluttering and commence the spring cleaning. Few people actually enjoy it, but it’s a necessary evil for many. There are ways to get more organized and thereby get things done faster, however.

Here are 10 apps to help speed the process along.

1. OurHome (Free)
ourhome_680.jpgOurHome is aimed at families and houseshares. It allows you to assign and schedule tasks and chores for everyone within the household, before tracking personal progress and activities. You can set reminders and even work out a rewards scheme for your kids. It’s a convenient way of getting things done, as well as checking that everyone’s doing their bit.

2. BrightNest (Free)
brightnest_680.jpgBrightNest offers easy-to-follow instructions for a wealth of different household tasks. From maintenance work to convenient tricks for cleaning, it’ll help you figure out how best to tackle many different household chores. A quiz provides you with customized and personalized tips that’ll keep you further informed, and you can even schedule tasks for when’s best for you.

3. thredUP (Free)
thredup_680.jpgIt’s easy to collect too many clothes over the years, so how about an app that makes it just as easy to sell them? thredUP allows you to swap a bunch of clothes for a little cash or a donation to a worthy cause. Conducted right from your home, it’s convenient and efficient when it comes to decluttering your wardrobe. Of course, you can always buy new clothes through the same app.

4. OfferUp (Free)
offerup_680.jpgTrying to declutter more than your clothes, and you don’t want to deal with shipping? OfferUp is a local-focused marketplace, encouraging you to list items quickly before exchanging goods in person. It’ll save you the hassle of auction bidding and shipping arrangements, plus it might make you a little money.

5. Tody ($3.99)
tody_680.jpgTody is a smart to-do list app specifically for cleaning routines. It visualizes dirtiness in a bid to motivate you into cleaning, suggesting specific tasks that need completing. Tasks are managed through indicators of actual need rather than the usual date format, meaning you don’t have to figure out priorities for yourself. It’s all stylishly laid out too, almost proving appealing.

6. Unfilth Your Habitat ($0.99)
unfilth_680.jpgIf you’ve used something like the CARROT apps for getting motivated to exercise, Unfilth Your Habitat will really appeal. It motivates you to clean through a series of challenges and insults. You can set timed challenges in 5, 10 or 20 minute intervals, pushing you to complete tasks quickly but effectively. Things can be organized by room too, giving you some much needed focus.

7. wikiHow (Free)
wikihow_680.jpgNeed some more guidance on how to do bits and pieces around the house? WikiHow is there to help. With over 150,000 articles, it should provide you with some key guidance, as well as distract you with more intriguing propositions than cleaning, such as how to escape a bear. Try not to be too easily distracted.

8. iRecycle (Free)
irecycle_680.jpgWe should all be recycling more often. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get into better recycling habits. iRecycle will tell you how, where, and when to recycle pretty much anything. Simply enter your location and you’ll receive details for collection points, and what can be recycled in your local area. It takes out all the hassle of figuring out what can be done.

9. PaperKarma (Free)
paperkarma_680.jpgOne great way to declutter is to stop receiving the clutter in the first place. How often have you receive junk mail that goes straight in the trash? PaperKarma allows you to easily cancel receiving plenty of different unwanted mail. Simply snap a photo of the offending mail, and the app does the rest. It should save you plenty of effort in the long term.

10. Handy (Free)
handy_680.jpgDecided you don’t actually want to do the cleaning yourself? Try Handy. It’s an app that makes it quick and easy to book home cleaners and handymen with appointments available 7 days per week. Each professional is experienced, insured, and background checked, so you know there’s nothing to worry about on that front. It’s ideal for those that just don’t want to clean.

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