Apple TV+ Teases New Shows, New Seasons, and Gives Us Our First Look at Severance’s Return After That Two-Year Hiatus

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Apple TV+ Teases New Shows, New Seasons, and Gives Us Our First Look at Severance’s Return After That Two-Year Hiatus

“Welcome back,” Severance actor Tramell Tillman says through floor manager Milchick’s signature tight grin, at once warmly disarming and vaguely ominous. “Been a minute.”

That it has. It’s been over two years since Apple TV+’s Severance last hit the small screen, and fans and critics alike (myself very much included) have been impatiently waiting for news of the strike-delayed second season. Thankfully, it does not seem we’ll have to wait too much longer; we finally received our first new glimpses of that eerily sterile workspace in the multi-show teaser Apple TV+ released, and Severance viewers are eating it up like a feast after a famine—after this long, even crumbs feel like a full meal. Fans have already begun picking apart every moment of the footage released (for those inclined to do the same, someone already compiled all of the Severance bits from the teaser and put them in slow-motion for good measure. Happy sleuthing!). 

Silo lovers also have cause for celebration: the teaser video also includes the first footage of the dystopian hit’s second season. With the last episode having aired just shy of a year ago, the quick turnaround has fans abuzz, especially considering the massive reveals that capped the season finale.

While the updates on Silo and especially Severance are particularly exciting, the two shows are far from all Apple TV+ has to offer in the coming months: upcoming debuts include the science fiction thriller Dark Matter, the loaded murder mystery Lady in the Lake, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Presumed Innocent, which is a reimagining of the Alan J. Pakula movie and the Scott Turow novel of the same name, and the detective comedy Bad Monkey. We can also look forward to new seasons of the multi-generational Korean drama Pachinko, the spy thriller Slow Horses, Shrinking’s comedic exploration of grief, and yes, both Silo and Severance (what a time for shows starting with “s”!). While most of these shows are not anticipating imminent releases, both Presumed Innocent and Natalie Portman’s Lady in the Lake debut in the next two months, with the former dropping this Wednesday (June 14th) and the latter a month later (July 19th). 

There are also sneak peeks of upcoming star-studded original films from the studio, namely Fly Me to the Moon (starring Scarlett Johnasson and Channing Tatum, and hitting theaters July 12th), Doug Liman’s latest feature The Instigators (featuring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck, and arriving on Apple TV+ platforms on August 6th), and the George Clooney and Brad Pitt led thriller Wolfs (debuting in theaters on September 20th).

Watch the teaser below:

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