Evelyn and Douglas Conspire in Our Exclusive Clip from Palm Royale Episode 8

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Evelyn and Douglas Conspire in Our Exclusive Clip from Palm Royale Episode 8

If you have been keeping up with Apple TV+’s delightfully unhinged Palm Royale, then you’ll know that the juicy drama and unserious comedy has only gotten better as the weeks have gone by. And the season’s eighth episode, titled “Maxine Saves the Whale,” is truly the best of the bunch. Featuring an incredible performance between star Allison Janney and a hilariously unexpected scene partner alongside the usual heartfelt and soapy antics, this episode is not one to miss.

In our exclusive clip from tomorrow’s new episode, Evelyn (Janney) and Douglas (Josh Lucas) conspire together to take down Linda (Laura Dern) in the wake of Episode 7’s explosive reveal: the entire Rollins estate has been left to Linda rather than Evelyn, leaving her penniless and homeless. But Evelyn isn’t going down without a fight, so she attempts to rope Douglas into her plan to blackmail Linda, threatening to tell the police that she was the one who shot her own father, ultimately causing his death all these years later. The only way for Linda to stay out of jail in this grand plan? Give Evelyn everything she wants—and cut Douglas in on it, too.

As the Beach Ball looms heavy over Maxine’s (Kristen Wiig) head, Palm Beach high society is slowly but surely unraveling, revealing all the calculated and sometimes-unhinged power moves the upper echelon are willing to make to hold onto their status.

Check out the preview below; Palm Royale Episode 8 premieres Wednesday, April 24th on Apple TV+.

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