Watch: The Killing Eve Finale Made Carolyn the Star

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Watch: The Killing Eve Finale Made Carolyn the Star

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Watch as Keri Lumm weighs in on the Killing Eve finale in the video above, or you can read the transcript below:

Killing Eve is a show that always keeps me guessing. Even when I think I know exactly what is going to happen next, somehow they throw me for a loop, and this finale was no exception!

Eve and Villanelle might be the main two characters, but I would argue that Carolyn is their equal. And while this finale included Eve and Villanelle, it seemed like Carolyn was the star.

The episode opens up with Carolyn meeting up with Villanelle at Royal Albert Hall. Villanelle wants to work with her, but Carolyn isn’t interested. It’s clear that Carolyn is still wondering what happened to her son Kenny, and who can blame her? Of course she acts cold but she is a mother — andI don’t know of any mothers who would be cold when it comes to losing a child.

Konstantin is laid up in the hospital still along with Dasha. He is feeling better so he is ready to leave, and he needs to get back to work. Before he busts out of the hospital though, he goes over to Dasha and finishes the job.

He kills her.

Villanelle and Eve meet up at a dance hall and share a dance before Villanelle sends Eve on a mission.

Once Eve is gone, Villanelle kills the agent that killed Carolyn’s assistant. It’s almost like she isn’t sure she wants to kill, which is mirrored by her not actually killing while with Dasha. But even though she isn’t sure, she follows through — though they give us a moment where you think she might help her out.

Old habits die hard.

Carolyn is summoned to Eve’s office to watch a video of her son. He had met up with Konstantin that day.

And now she knows that Konstantin had something to do with her son’s death.

Konstantin is the worst. He has slept with Carolyn, her daughter, and now looks to be responsible for Kenny’s death.

Villanelle also makes a visit to the office looking for Eve and her co-workers recognize her and she hears them talking about how she has a tendency to remove a man’s favorite body part. As she leaves she tells them that the good ones she pickles and the bad ones, well, “you don’t want to know.”

But then Eve and Villanelle end up at the home of Paul, who is hanging out with Konstantin, and Carolyn appears to be hosting a meeting with them and her pistol.

Carolyn is in charge now. Paul is the Twelve, and when she asks Konstantin about Kenny’s death he tells her that he was scared and just kept backing up until he fell off the roof. You think she is going to kill him when he gets down on his knees in front of her, but instead, she shoots Paul and tells Konstantin it should have been him, but she loved him.

He leaves with his package so he can get his money and documents, and Carolyn calls in a suicide to the office.

This finale almost made Villanelle and Eve seem like secondary characters. Although the two meet on tower bridge, back to back to say goodbye in the final scene and are not supposed to look back, of course they do, and that is the end.

I’m not sure what will happen in Season 4, but I couldn’t have predicted much of what happened in Season 3, which is why I like this show about girl power so much!

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