Watch: This Week’s Single Drunk Female Sees Sam Explore Her Hazy Tinder Past

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Watch: This Week’s Single Drunk Female Sees Sam Explore Her Hazy Tinder Past

Quietly one of the best new shows of 2022, Single Drunk Female has taken a new approach to the way TV often glorifies drinking culture: by showing its negative effects. The Freeform series (which is available on Hulu the next day) stars Sofia Black-D’Elia as Samantha Fink, a 20-something whose life falls apart because of her alcoholism, causing her to lose her job and move back home. While this doesn’t sound like a comedy, Single Drunk Female manages to keep things both real and funny as we follow Sam on her journey to sobriety. She takes a low-wage job, dodges triggers all around her (most often from her own clueless mother, played with zest by Ally Sheedy), looks to make amends with her former best friend who is marrying her former boyfriend, and tries to figure out who she is without booze.

In the upcoming episode “Sober for the D and V,” Sam considers re-entering the dating world with the help of her old drinking buddy Felicia (the hilarious Lily Mae Harrington). In our exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, Felicia looks through Sam’s Tinder profile where the two discover some unfortunate trends from the latter’s drunken past. But as Felicia wisely counsels, “don’t focus on who was in your vag, think about who gonna be in your vag, right?” Poetic. For Sam that means boys, girls… really anyone who isn’t vegan.

Check out a clip from “Sober for the D and V” below, which premieres Thursday, February 10th on Freeform (and Hulu the next day):

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