Victoria Review: The Engine of Change

(Episode 1.06)

TV Video Victoria
Victoria Review: The Engine of Change

I’m wondering if Victoria will stop trusting her governess now that the jumping advice didn’t prevent a pregnancy.

Albert is super excited and calls the news about the baby “magnificent”, but Victoria is not happy at all. She’s sick, miserable and—even worse—scared.

She is queen, in part, because her Aunt Charlotte died in childbirth. We don’t hear about people dying in childbirth that often anymore, but back then, childbirth was perilous.

So, while Victoria is just barely pregnant, she and Albert decide to take a babymoon disguised as a tour of their country.

Albert shows how astute he is at shooting and he charms everyone. He also wants to get involved in the locomotive industry. She tells him no, he can’t ride on a train.

He wants to anyway, so he decides to ask for permission rather than forgiveness and goes on a train ride.

She’s at home and has no idea where he is, so she flips out.

While the pair don’t initially agree on how awesome trains are, they do agree that, if Victoria dies but her baby lives, Prince Albert should become the regent.

And everyone loses their minds. They don’t want a German prince ruling Great Britain.

But Victoria perseveres, because she’s the queen!

As so often happens with these two, they come around to agree on the trains after Victoria decides to take one for a ride and Albert chases her and asks if she likes it. (She loves it!)

In the end, Victoria and Albert both decide to work on the things they like. He wants to work on industry and she decides to let him.

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