Watch the Fur Fly in the Trailer for Netflix’s Exploding Kittens

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Watch the Fur Fly in the Trailer for Netflix’s Exploding Kittens

Cats are the sort of aloof, unbothered creatures that carry themselves as if they’re gods deigning to walk upon the earth, then act like the spawn of Satan if you don’t treat them as such. Netflix’s new animated comedy, Exploding Kittens, takes this literally, starring Tom Ellis as God, who’s been transformed into a house cat as a means of punishment and ends up living next door to the Devilcat (Sasheer Zamata). 

Godcat is trying to get back in humanity’s good graces by helping out a family that’s growing apart—that is, if Devilcat doesn’t get in his way. We get a little taste of the chaos in store with the new trailer, unveiled by Netflix today.

In the grand tradition of Clue and Battleship, Exploding Kittens is based on the card game of the same name, created by Matthew Inman (a.k.a. The Oatmeal) and Elan Lee—and hopefully it falls closer to the former adaptation in terms of quality. Inman serves as a show-runner for Exploding Kittens alongside Shane Kosakowski, whose previous work producing You’re the Worst and the cynical, 30 Rock-esque reboot of The Muppets. makes us feel more confident about the show’s potential. There’s a pretty decent team of executive producers behind the project in general, including King of the Hill’s Mike Judge and Greg Daniels. The voice cast is rounded out by Suzy Nakamura (Dead to Me, Inside Job), Mark Proksch (Colin Robinson from What We Do in the Shadows), Ally Maki (Beavis and Butt-Head, Hacks), and Kenny Yates (who appeared in the unholy trinity of Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Disaster Movie). 

Watching the trailer, the series seems like it could offer up some good ol’ sophomoric fun as long as it doesn’t lean too much into meme-y humor and just end up grating on the nerves. We’ll find out for sure when Exploding Kittens premieres on Netflix in July. 

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