Drinking Tequila? Ditch the Lime and Salt

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Drinking Tequila? Ditch the Lime and Salt

I recently spent a good bit of time in Mexico learning about all things tequila. While tequila has traditionally been a spirit I’ve associated with either drinking in a cocktail or in shot form (which I 100% regret immediately after), some of the aged stuff is wonderful for sipping.

At Cazadores during a tasting, the distillery made one unique suggestion: instead of using a lime and salt when you drink a glass of tequila, try a grapefruit with cinnamon on it.

According to our guide, the whole lime and salt thing was invented back when people were drinking some pretty rough tequilas where you needed that lime/salt combo to make the drink remotely palatable.

Today, tequila has gotten a lot more refined, so that salt and lime combo isn’t really necessary. That said, if you’re going for an aged tequila like a Reposado or Añejo, then the perfect fruit to pair with it isn’t a lime, but a grapefruit. And instead of salt, sprinkle a little cinnamon on the fruit.

It admittedly sounds a bit peculiar, but it brings out some amazing flavors in the tequila and makes for a delicious drinking experience.

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