Taco Bell is Opening the Mother of All Taco Bells on the Las Vegas Strip

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In addition to introducing ridiculous Tex-Mex items to its menu, like Doritos Locos Tacos, Taco Bell is opening a flagship Cantina restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip this fall.

Since it’s in Vegas, the two-story, 24-hour Taco Bell Cantina restaurant will have eye-catching architecture and flashy décor, including “digital displays,” that fits with the style of the Strip. The restaurant will also have community seating, an outdoor patio and tapas-style dishes, including nachos and rolled tacos. It will also sell alcohol, including beer and its famous twisted freezes—basically, an alcoholic slushie.

Taco Bell introduced the Cantina concept in 2015 when it opened a location in Chicago. Weeks later, it opened another Cantina location in San Francisco. After Vegas, the taco chain hopes to open more locations in college towns and big cities, with Atlanta being looked at as the potential next city to receive a Taco Bell Cantina.

“Expansion into urban markets is a key focus for us both this year and over the course of the next several years,” said Brian Niccol, CEO of Taco Bell Corp., in a press release. “When we talked about where to establish a flagship store, it didn’t take long to realize that having a presence in the heart of Vegas would undoubtedly create a unique, distinctive and fun destination and experience for Taco Bell fans.”

Feast your eyes on a rendering of Taco Bell’s flagship Cantina below.

Taco Bell Las Vegas Flagship Restaurant.jpg

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