Dirty Projectors Plan a 5 EP Series, Share New Single “Lose Your Love”

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Dirty Projectors Plan a 5 EP Series, Share New Single “Lose Your Love”

Just over a month ago, Dirty Projectors released their EP Windows Open. The EP was the first effort to really embrace the new Projectors lineup, particularly featuring new vocalist Maia Friedman as a centerpiece. Tuesday, the band announced the EP’s follow-up, charting a plan to release five EPs as a series, starting with Windows Open.

Flight Tower, the second in the series, will arrive on June 26. To celebrate the announcement, the band shared a video for the EP’s lead single “Lose Your Love” which features Ava Luna keyboardist and vocalist Felicia Douglass. The track seems like a re-imagining of classic Dirty Projectors sounds, a twitchy, vocal-focused track that features Douglass on lead with Maia Friedman and Kristin Slipp on backing vocals.

The band says that, like Friedman on Windows Open, the EP will feature Douglass’ voice as the main point of interest. Each EP in the series will correspond to one member’s vocals (Friedman, Douglass, Slipp, Longstreth) with the group trading verses on the final EP.

You can check out the video for “Lose Your Love” below, as well as details on Flight Tower. Also below, revisit Dirty Projectors’ 2007 Daytrotter session.

Flight Tower Cover Art:


Flight Tower Tracklist:

1. Inner World
2. Lose Your Love
3. Self Design
4. Empty Vessel

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