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DL Rossi Album Sampler

DL Rossi Album Sampler by DL Rossi
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For fans of:Ryan Adams, David Ramirez, Pete Yorn, Tom Petty
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  1. 04 The Fool.mp3
  2. 05 Suckers & Chumps.mp3
  3. 03 Strange Thing.mp3
  4. 01 12 Step Plan.mp3
  5. 07 Be Alone.mp3
  6. 13 There's Still Hope.mp3
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DL Rossi is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. After spending most of his career as a drummer (13 years) and working in the corporate church (5 years) in his hometown of Sterling Heights, MI, life sent him a curve ball… in the form of cancer. Thankfully, surgery left DL cancer free, but at the risk of sounding cliché, the experience left him with a new perspective on life. This new perspective brought with it a newfound courage. He decided to release music he had kept very personal and closed off from people. Songs that spanned the past 12 years of his life that, up until then, he had never felt comfortable or safe sharing with others. Between the winter of 2011 and spring of 2012, DL recorded his upcoming self-titled project. The album tells the story of his deeply personal struggles with anxiety and depression as a constant backdrop in the midst of stumbling through love and romance, the evangelical church, anger, self-worth, and fear. “These songs mean a lot to me, I’ve never released a set of songs I’m so proud of and enjoy so much. They deal with some pretty deep wounds I’ve had for a long time that I’ve never allowed my artistic self to fully engage with. I’m excited to share these songs with people and see what happens. “Coming from a background rooted in the evangelical church, some people may be offended or taken aback by the subject matter on the album, but my heart in this project is one of simply wanting to be honest–honest to the point of ugliness–which is something that the church talks about but rarely allows without there being some sort of fallout. There is a lot of concern surrounding this type of honesty in art in the evangelical world. But as I’ve pursued my faith, I’ve realized that if I can’t be honest about who I am and what I struggle with, then I’m nothing more than a half-truth, which is fake. It’s a lie. It’s how I was living and I couldn’t do it anymore. It sounds a bit overly-dramatic, but this album has actually cost me a lot already. It’s amazing how much trouble being honest will get you, but I’m enjoying the ride and all the new relationships that have formed since putting these songs out there. I am really excited to see how people respond to it. Thanks for your time, and please enjoy this album.” – DL Rossi
Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Nolan Rossi at RF Studios in Nashville TN (http://www.nolantherossi.com/) Drums: Dustin Ragland Guitars, Keys, Pocket Piano: Nolan Rossi Bass: Jon Duke & Tyler Chester Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Drums: DL Rossi
For fans of:Ryan Adams, David Ramirez, Pete Yorn, Tom Petty
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