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This Week in TV

In a post-Peak TV world, it’s impossible to watch everything that’s airing across all the various streamers, networks, channels, and everywhere else. In our weekly Power Rankings, we look back on the best of the TV week that was, but here, we’re making sure you’re ahead of the game. From the most must-see premieres to our currently-airing favorites to can’t-miss finales, here is your definitive guide for what to watch on TV this coming week. 

For the week of May 19th:


Marvel’s Assembled: The Making of X-Men ’97

Premiere Date: Wednesday, May 22nd

Network: Disney+

Do you want to go behind the scenes of one of the year’s best shows to see how it was made? Of course you do! In this special episode, the creators, cast, and crew of the beloved animated series X-Men ’97 detail how the season came together—and hopefully tease what we can expect from Season 2 after that bonkers cliffhanger. —Anna Govert


Premiere Date: Thursday, May 23rd

Network: Paramount+

The final season of Paramount+’s Evil is finally upon us, and it’s sure to go out with a bang. The series follows a skeptical psychologist, a priest, and a contractor as they investigate seemingly supernatural mysteries, from demonic possessions to supposed miracles. While it’s unfortunate to see the series bow out so early in its life (just four seasons in), the proper, epic conclusion is sure to be well worth it. —Anna Govert

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory

Premiere Date: Friday, May 24th

Network: Netflix

Surprise! After five seasons of DreamWorks Animation’s hit canonical Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, the story of “The Nublar Six” came to a close with a two-year time jump revealing where Darius and his pals landed after surviving their extended stay, and eventual rescue, from Isla Nublar. The last shot of the series implied that it had caught up to the events of Jurassic WorldFallen Kingdom, meaning that the dinos had eventually followed them back home. A banger of a coda and a job well done, thought executive producer Scott Kreamer about how they landed the show. Until he got lured back to kick around ideas for a sequel series that would eventually become Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, which now follows an older, more traumatized “Nublar Six” as they continue to navigate their dino-filled world. —Tara Bennett [Read Tara’s interview with Kreamer in the latest Toon In column].

My Adventures with Superman

Premiere Date: Saturday, May 25th

Network: Adult Swim (streaming next day on Max)

Big blue is back in the most delightful Superman adaptation to ever hit the small screen. In the aftermath of that heart-wrenching and explosive season finale last year, Clark (Jack Quiad), Lois (Alice Lee), and Jimmy (Ishmel Sahid) are now newly-minted Daily Planet reporters, working their way through the tumultuous turmoil of adulthood, relationships, and their new jobs—all while still dealing with Task Force X, alien threats, and saving the world, of course. This season, Clark discovers that he’s not the sole Kryptonian left, putting his relationship with Lois to the test. —Anna Govert 

Forever Favorites:

Interview With the VampireThis series continues to be must-watch TV, and the best Anne Rice adaptation to hit the screen—big or small. After that heartbreaking premiere, Episode 2 continues to shed light on Louis’ tumultuous past.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School: Mouse’s 16th birthday went up in flames, and as Bloody Rose continues to torment the Liars, it’s Faran’s turn. This episode features a truly outstanding performance from Zaria as Faran endures a brutal test from this season’s big bad.

Under the Bridge: The penultimate episode of this excellent series raises questions about Rebecca’s moral standing, and how she’s serving Reena as a victim in her story. As Cam tries to bring Reena’s killer to justice, the two continue to clash in their methods and allegiances.

Hacks: In the last two-episode drop of the season, Deborah and Ava continue to reconnect, with hilarity sure to ensue. Episode 9, the season finale, is being held for the following week.

Can’t-Miss Finales:

Abbott Elementary: Due to last year’s writers’ and actors’ strikes, Abbott‘s third season is wrapping after just 14 episodes, bowing out with a finale titled “Party.” It’s the last day of school, so Janine wants to throw everyone the best end-of-the-year party she can. Don’t miss what is sure to be a delightful end to a strong third season.

Knuckles: Another technicality, but if you missed Paramount+’s all-episodes drop of the Sonic spinoff series Knuckles, then now is the time to catch up. This fun series is a slightly unnecessary detour between Sonic films, but if you’re a mega-fan of those movies, this is a must-watch.

Paste Pick:

My Adventures with Superman on Adult Swim

If you were only going to give your time to one single show this week, it should be My Adventures with SupermanThis series is truly the best any Superman adaptation could be: it has romance, drama, hope, and beautifully animated action set pieces. And with Season 2 promising more fights and even more flying Kryptonians (hi, Supergirl!) this show is one to watch. This series is also sure to fill the gaping hole left in X-Men ’97’s wake, delivering delightful superhero animation every week in its place.

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