Dennis Reynolds’ Ten Creepiest Moments

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In honor of tonight’s season ten premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and also in honor of Paste’s TV Villains bracket, I’d like to take a moment to recognize one of television’s most disturbing comedic characters: Dennis Reynolds.

While none of the It’s Always Sunny gang are “good” people, and they lack any kind of moral center, Dennis stands out as a consummate narcissist, sociopath, and generally selfish dick. Glenn Howerton’s portrayal of the self-proclaimed “golden god” is so perfect that it’s impossible not to laugh at his truly despicable behavior, and then feel guilty about that laughter afterwards. He is living proof that evil can be funny.

I’ve never made a list of my favorite sitcom characters, but if I did, Dennis would easily make the top five, and maybe even contend for the top spot. (Incidentally, Charlie Kelly would be right there with him.) So let’s look back, before we embark upon season ten, and revisit the creepiest moments of his awful, self-absorbed life.

10. The Peak

There’s some backstory here, about Dee trying to get into fashion design because she’s jealous of a former high school classmate, but all you really have to know is that when you accuse Dennis Reynolds of “peaking,” you’re in for a hard lesson.

9. Real Girls Gone Wild

Dennis doesn’t want your ordinary wild sorority girls. He wants to go to the library.

8. I Love You Too Maureen/Murdering the Waitress

Two videos featuring Dennis’ deep urge to kill:

7. Get Off With Me

It’s weird enough that Dennis impersonates a businessman named “Brian Lefevre,” but it gets a whole lot stranger when he explains his motivations to Mac and Dee. (Longer clip here, although the editing by the uploader is super annoying.)


When Dennis feels disrespected while visiting his former frat, he flies into a state of hysteria, and that is never anything short of terrifying and hilarious. (See also.)

5.It’s Interesting, Our Thing, Isn’t it?

This is Dennis doing his best Hannibal Lecter impression, and keep the video rolling for a bonus clip about how he handles his erections:

4. I. Am. God. / The God Hole

Dennis’ religious beliefs, summed up in two videos.

3.It’s Fetish Shit!

When Dennis seeks revenge at his high school reunion, the gang accidentally sees the tools he keeps in his car, and we get hysterical/frantic Dennis as a bonus. This is an outtakes video, so watch the original here first.

2. The D.E.N.N.I.S. System

It’s like watching the most manipulative pick-up artist in world history, exaggerated to psychotic proportions and endowed with a sadistic streak. This system for finding and keeping is quintessential Dennis.

1. The Implication

Where Dennis explains how he uses fear and a boat to aid his sexual conquests. I don’t think it’s a stretch to call this his worst moment in a lifetime of really, really bad moments.

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