Mallrats Sequel Will Come in Form of 10-Episode TV Series

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Silent Bob himself has taken us on a wild goose chase around the possibility of a sequel to Mallrats, but he has now confirmed that instead of a movie, it will be a 10-episode TV series.

After director Kevin Smith wrote the script for a follow-up to the 1995 comedy called Mallbrats, he had to reach out to Universal Studios, which owns the title of Mallrats. Universal would not, and has never, let a title go.

So, Smith’s only options were to make the film completely financed by the studio or to co-finance it with the studio, according to a radio interview Smith gave today. Smith then said that he’s entered a protracted negotiation with Universal to have it made in various parts of the studio.

The decision to make the Mallrats sequel into a series rather than a full-length film came after Smith directed an episode of The Flash.

“When I went up there, it was kind of a weird game changer for my career,” Smith said in the interview. “I felt at home in the medium.”

Smith is still going to shoot the series at the Exton Square Mall in Exton, Pa.

During the same interview, Smith also confirmed that he will be doing Buckaroo Banzai as a TV series, too.

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